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The Rolling Tree Bandit is a directional double kick with symm concave designed to bridge the gap between street and downhill skating. With an 18” wheelbase, it’s nimble enough to bust out a quick tre-flip at the top of the hill, but stiff enough to keep you upright while surfing over rocks on the inside line. Whether busting 540’s, hitting the pool, or pushing 60 km, the Bandit can really do it all.

36″ Length
9.5″ Width
18″ Wheelbase
5.5″ Kicks at 15 Degrees
1/16" Micro-Drops
5/9″ Tub Cave
7 Ply Wisconsin Hard Maple
Symmetrical Mold, Directional Shape
Made in USA

Rolling Tree
Quality Crafted. Community Designed. Skateboards & Art.

Graphics by @therealgetbent
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